Paula K. Naaman, a Lebanese designer with a bachelor's degree in geography and gemology, embarked on her creative journey in the late ‘80s with her own line of jewellery. In 2005 her pieces, made from gold and precious stones would eventually earn her first slice of recognition with a first prize award for her creation "Suspended Art".
In parallel, she created PAULA K, her clothing and jewellery brand, while also being hard at work creating a collection of unique scarves. This collection follows the concept of Metamorphose, a multifunctional way to experience one's day.
Paula has and continues to take part in several exhibitions in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. With over 10 years of experience in the business, she has consistently managed to stand out from the crowd with her unique and eclectic style centered on the multi-functionality of the designs she creates.
PAULA K opened her first store in December 2009, in the trendy up-and-coming Mar Mikhael neighborhood in the heart of Beirut.


The Metamorphose line has, for years, symbolized PAULA K's spirit of individuality in ready-to-wear fashion with the particularity of being:

  • suitable for all seasons with vibrant colors and exceptional textiles
  • based around the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, yet remaining adjustable enough to suit every taste
  • It is multi-functional as it can be worn in various combinations and suitable for all occasions

PAULA K's collections have always been faithful to the Metamorphose premise. Her latest show, "Serie Black" held in December 2010, featured the new collection, in line with the original concept.
Finally, her newest collection, Roots by PAULA K, is an intriguing line inspired from the Phoenician culture, and defined by its simplicity and authenticity.